Hello Church Family,

We are officially first-time homeowners. It is true. However, my wife and I have been thinking about being homeowners a little differently so far. Allison is overjoyed to begin making our house into a home. She is excited with the thought of all the future memories we will make there. She is eager to put down roots. But in my mind, we are officially debt-owners. A bunch of debt. She sees the potential and character the house has. I see flaws. I see future complications. I know—I am a delight.

Needless to say, I thank God He has given me Allison to be my wife. She is a wonderful helpmeet to me. I am relieved she does not see things my way here, because her way gives life and mine saps it. Now don’t get me wrong—I am right—but I am also incomplete. Without seeing Allison’s perspective, I am not seeing an accurate picture.

And maybe it is because half of my brain is already there, but it is interesting to me to think about how my situation illustrates so many principles from the book of Ruth. When we fix our eyes on our difficulties, hardships, and trials we will certainly see them because they are certainly there. But without the hope of the Gospel and the goodness of our God invading our view and informing our vision, those calamities will be out of focus and distorted.

This is not the power of positive thinking. This is a reminder that if we are in Christ, God is working all things together for our good and His glory. This is always true even when we do not see it. This is always true even when we do not feel it. This is always true even when we do not believe it.

God has blessed us with one another in order that we might encourage, remind, and correct each other according to His Word. In love, let us help one another see clearly. Thank you for reminding me through the excitement you have for us to begin to get settled and for your love and service throughout the process. I am excited to live life with you all.