Dear Church Family,

This past Sunday night we focused on the presence of God in our lives as Christians, along with what our growing awareness of His presence should produce in our lives. As we all agreed, the Bible teaches that God is omnipresent or everywhere or there is nowhere God is not (bad English, good theology). However, that does not diminish the significance of the reality that, as Christians, the Holy Spirit indwells us—neither does it lessen the meaningfulness of Jesus’ promise to be with us forever.

If Jesus is with us through the Holy Spirit, shouldn’t every moment of our lives be jam-packed with excitement and essentially be one big emotional high? Obviously none of our lives are like that, but does that mean we are failing to really be all we can be or something along those lines? What do you think?

On the one hand, the vast majority of our lives are filled with what we would label as mundane or ordinary, like putting on socks, brushing our teeth, eating store-bought food, driving to and from places, and on and on and on and on. You get the point: we don’t live on mountaintops of excitement and emotion—let alone on the world’s tallest hill—and that’s okay. There are reasons why almost immediately after reaching the top of Mount Everest, climbers begin their descent.

On the other hand, everything, absolutely everything in our lives is meant to be done to the glory of God—including the mundane and ordinary. This gives purpose to every seemingly inconsequential detail of our lives. Therefore, as we fulfill God’s plan for our lives to glorify Him in all that we do, we are truly doing something meaningful—even though it may rarely feel that way.

The life of faith is one of ceaseless joy and permanent purpose. The faithfulness of such a life is often labeled “meaningless” based on what is seen, but is truly “timeless” based on what is unseen. If you live for mountaintop experiences packed with emotion, you will find the bulk of your life is empty. It is the reality of Christ’s presence with us that enables us to live each moment of every day striving for faithfulness and celebrating the fulfillment He alone can bring. Your life may seem and feel dull to you, but if you will remember God’s presence in and purpose for your life—even the most mundane will have a point.

Matthew 28:20; 1 Corinthians 10:31; Hebrews 13:5-6