Dear Church Family,

According to the most recent estimates (from 2014), abortion rates are at their lowest point since Roe v. Wade was decided forty-three years ago this Sunday. This is wonderful news and we should thank the Lord for His intervention here. However, the figure recorded for the number of abortions in 2014 is around 926,200. That is staggering—close to one million abortions in a single year. Statistics on this scale are incredibly difficult to take in, but using the totals from the 2010 census, there are six states whose entire population is less than the number of abortions in one year.

To end a pregnancy is to end a life. Every human being, even in the earliest stages of development, is created in the image of God. For this reason, we treasure life and we defend it—especially for those who are unable to defend it for themselves. This is not a political issue. This is a theological issue. I do not pretend to know all of the hardships and difficulties surrounding those who seek out abortion, but I do know the Almighty God of the universe does and He is able to see every woman, child, and family through.

Choices Pregnancy Center exists to give pregnant women this hope. Their aim is to provide the education, resources, and support needed to understand the gravity of caring for a child. As opportunities arise, they are enabled to point these women to the unshakeable hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This center serves women in what is often their greatest time of need.

For these reasons, we thankfully support the ministry of Choices and we want to partner with them through giving financially, as well as praying for them. As a church this Sunday, we will pray specifically for Choices Pregnancy Center, its leadership, and those whom it serves. We will also receive special contributions to send to the center. Please join me in praying for the faithfulness and fruit of this ministry, that all would ultimately choose life and receive Christ.