Dear Church Family,

This coming Lord’s day, we will be honored to have Nathan and Katy McCravey worshiping with us. Nathan has been interviewing for our open family minister position and many of you had the opportunity to meet them the last Sunday in May. After much prayer on both sides, he has accepted our invitation to come again in view of a call. We will be blessed to hear Nathan preach the Word of God to us and subsequently we will have a congregational vote to voice our decision.

Now, I am thankful that most of us do rightly honor the weight of being included in the governance of our local church, but let me remind all of us why this is so important. Although it should be granted that some events, roles, and circumstances were unique to the early church (as the Acts of the Apostles indicates), the book of Acts and the New Testament letters bear out that each member of every local church has a significant role to play. One of the main ways we see the office of church member carried out is through voting on those selected to serve the church. Specifically, deacons, elders, and missionaries were selected by the church as a whole.

The way in which this voting was carried out is also instructive for us. It was not done hastily or haphazardly, but with a certain gravity and humility as reflected through prayer and sometimes fasting. Our ability to discern is ultimately not innate to us, but has been quickened in us through the Holy Spirit. With that being said, we should be mindful of our dependence on the Lord to make decisions that are pleasing to Him.

To be a church member is to be entrusted with a stewardship of a God-designed and God-given office. Showing up and voting your conscience in line with His Word matters. It matters when we are discerning whether or not to call a staff position and it also matters every single time we have members’ meetings like the one we will have this Sunday night, Lord willing. That means, insofar as you are able, part of your responsibility as a faithful church member is to be involved in these kinds of decisions in the life of our church. What a privilege God has given us to serve Him in this way!

So, please be in prayer for Nathan and Katy, as well as our church as we seek God’s will. If you are inclined to fast beforehand, I would encourage you to do so. The God we serve is faithful and good and we praise Him for this opportunity. May He continue to bless us and make His face to shine upon us.