Dear Church Family,

Next Wednesday night (8/30), we will start back with our dinner rotation on the last Wednesday of every month—with a few exceptions. Lord willing, we will pick up where we left off in answering the question, “Who Is Jesus?” If you know of someone who may feel a little intimidated to go to church on a Sunday, this is a great opportunity to invite people to enjoy a free meal in an informal environment. Maybe if you have a friend you would like to hear the Gospel from someone else, we are committed to clearly sharing the Gospel in these meetings. Or maybe since retiring and needing to slow down due to health reasons, you feel as those your opportunities to share the good news with new people have dwindled.

Whatever your scenario, these meals and evangelistic studies are designed to be used intentionally by you, the members of this church. Make these work for you and your evangelistic efforts and let us partner with you in those. If you don’t currently have any relationships in which you are praying and working to be a faithful witness, let us pray with you for boldness and commit to take a first step toward faithfulness this coming Wednesday. We know that the harvest is plentiful and that Jesus has commissioned His church to serve as laborers in that harvest. That means it is our duty to share the Gospel with unbelievers and it is also our joy because we have the confident hope there will be some who will have eyes to see and ears to hear.

In the same way salvation has come to us—by grace through faith in Jesus Christ—this same offer must be made to all people. We want to demonstrate the hope we have through the way we love one another before the watching world. And we want to go out of our way to show love to those who don’t know Jesus by graciously introducing them to Him. I hope you will join me in praying that God would use these Wednesdays to reach the lost and build up His Church. Please come with a spirit of intentionality and of service for the sake of the Gospel. May the Lord see fit to bless our efforts for His glory.