Dear Church Family,

We believe every person is created in the image of God. We believe personhood begins with life. We believe life begins at conception. Therefore, we believe because of the image of God inherit in all human life, each life has worth and dignity and should be treated accordingly. In other words, it is the image of God that gives each person value—not his or her size, development, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, DNA, IQ, or level of dependency. People who have Down syndrome, sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, and every other kind of genetic variance share equal personhood, dignity, and worth with every other person who doesn’t. Furthermore, this is true of lost and saved alike—those walking in darkness as well as those waking in the light.

Read through the Bible and you will find a God who is concerned with His Own glory above all else. He must magnify His Own Name because He is God and He is good. This God created all that exists and especially appointed mankind as His representatives on earth. We are all created in His image for His glory. Therefore, how we treat human life at every stage matters to God and accordingly should matter to us.

Read through the Bible and you will also find a God who is deeply concerned with the poor, needy, and helpless. God’s concern with them is once again linked back to their being created in His Own image. However, His concern is amplified in contrast to the unconcern prevalent in this fallen world. All too often the poor, needy, and helpless are preyed upon by those who abuse their power and authority. Nevertheless, God sees. God knows. And He will give justice.

The reality is all of us will be held accountable by God for the ways we have honored or dishonored the glory of God in our treatment of those created in the image of God. This is true for all people without distinction and without exception—though especially true for the helpless. To be an unborn child is to be helpless. However, helplessness and total dependency do not determine or change personhood and the worth of being created in the image of God. As Christians, we must teach and defend this doctrine for the good of humanity.

Choices Pregnancy Center is working to help this cause. Their mission is to champion the cause of life by instilling in all who walk through their doors the innate value of being human—being created in the image of God. They seek to minister to and care for those who may be looking for answers or feeling scared, hurt, or confused. Now, through the aid of ultrasound technology, they are enabled to display the beauty of the person growing inside the womb. And when opportunities present themselves, it is their joy to share the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all those willing to hear it.

On this Sanctity of Life Sunday (1/21), we will have an opportunity to give to support their ministry in our community and the surrounding area. We will receive this offering with our regular offerings, so please be sure to denote your gift to the Choices Pregnancy Center. We will also spend time in prayer for the center and those who serve there. Let me encourage you to spend some time meditating on the glory of God displayed in the personhood of all those created in His image. Please pray that more and more people would choose life and would believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.