Dear Church Family,

This past Sunday night (11/4) during family time, Cal Ray spoke on behalf of the Stewardship Committee to call our church to action. As he and the other members of that committee have begun preparing the 2019 budget it has become clear there need to be changes starting in 2018. Our current trend in giving versus expenditures could see us end the year somewhere between twenty to thirty thousand dollars in the negative. Nevertheless, it should be said God has been kind to us through the faithful giving of members over the years that has accrued enough in savings to last us for the immediate future. But even with this surplus, the rate at which we’re drawing from this reserve means it won’t last for long.

Now, I appreciated very much Cal’s emphasis that in comparison with the number of members able to gather every Lord’s day, our receipts to date are actually pretty remarkable. Most of our membership is on a fixed income which means so many of you are giving faithfully and sacrificially. Thank you. Your commitment to give testifies to your desire to partner together with the rest of our members for the sake of the Gospel. So then, please do not view our current lack of funds as an indicator that your giving is insignificant or unappreciated. We simply have a desire to accomplish more faithful ministry than our income allows at this moment—but that desire is a good thing if it is holy to the Lord.

So, what do we do? We seek the Lord. We go to the One who created, sustains, and owns it all. We plead with Him to provide and to give us wisdom to use what He has provided to His glory. And this is exactly what the Lord has laid on Cal’s heart to call us to do.

The week after Thanksgiving (11/26-11/30), as many of us as are able will gather Monday through Friday at noon in the auditorium to pray. We must humble ourselves before our great God and ask Him to guide our steps. There is no doubt in my mind the Lord will use this time of earnestly pursuing Him for our good as a church. I would like to join with Cal and the rest of the committee in asking you to be a part of this as much and as often during that week as possible. I am thankful so many of you pray for our church daily on your own, but we also know we have been called to be a house of prayer that His power might be displayed through us.

One final thought: ultimately our desire shouldn’t be for more money, but for more of the Lord. By that I mean the longing of our hearts should be for deeper intimacy with the Father and not deeper wallets. Yes of course, we want to be wise managers and good stewards of what the Lord has entrusted to us, but we also want to be content with little or with much because we have Him either way. So then, let me plead with you to ask the Lord to use this season in the life of our church to open our eyes to see where we might have room to grow in our relationship with Him. May we be receptive to whatever the Lord speaks to us through His Word. May He draw near to us as we draw near to Him.