Dear Church Family,

I want to make you aware of two important meetings in the life of our church. The first is next Sunday night (1/27). During this service, I will be giving a “State of the Church” address. As is the case in the annual “State of the Union” address, the contents of this talk will deal with where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. Unlike “The State of the Union” however, instead of breaks for applause, the plan is to have breaks for conversation.

We want to thank God for His grace to us over the years. As best we can, we want to think about who we are now as a church. To help us in this, I will be using several different statistics we’ve gathered over the course of 2018. We also want to think about how we might better engage our community with the hope of the Gospel.

It’s this forward-looking aspect that I am most excited to share with you. Without telling you what I plan to say, we will be discussing one main opportunity our entire congregation has to minister to our community. This is something that every single member of our church can be a part of in one way or another. Because of this, I am asking for every able member to gather with us in order to hear, reflect on, and pray about our involvement in this ministry.

The following Sunday night (2/3), we will be hosting Teri Blanton who serves as One Such Child’s program director. One Such Child is the foster care emphasis of the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. While we won’t be solely thinking about foster care, Teri will be giving us pertinent information related to the ministry I will introduce during the “State of the Church” address. She will also help us brainstorm what this ministry might look like in the life of our church in ways we might not have thought of. Again, because this ministry will impact our entire church, it would be best for every able member to be involved in this conversation.

Brothers and sisters, as members of this local church, each one of us matters for the health of our body as well as its impact in the world around us. Please begin praying for these two meetings as you pray for our church. Ask the Lord to guide us in the way He would have us to go that we might represent Him well in our community. Again, please mark your calendars to be with us for these two Sunday evening services on January 27th and February 3rd.