Rejoice in Weakness

Baseball and statistics go together like Baptists and potlucks. One of the statistics that is commonly used today is called Wins Above Replacement (WAR). This is a mathematical formula used to project the numbers of wins an individual player contributes to the overall win total of the team. Many times when a player's WAR goes … Continue reading Rejoice in Weakness

Are You Lonely Even though You’re Not Alone? (Newsletter 09.12.18)

Dear Church Family, Are you lonely even though you’re not alone? In a newsletter a few weeks ago we talked about loneliness brought on from isolating ourselves, but here I want to qualify that isolation. Maybe the most common way we think about isolation is deciding to be alone. But it is also possible to … Continue reading Are You Lonely Even though You’re Not Alone? (Newsletter 09.12.18)

Church Covenant, Section 2 (Newsletter 10.04.17)

Dear Church Family, The second section of our newly adopted church covenant reads: “We will walk together in brotherly love, exercise an affectionate care and watchfulness over one another, and faithfully encourage and counsel one another as occasion may require with wisdom and humility.” Let’s break this down into its three parts. 1) We will … Continue reading Church Covenant, Section 2 (Newsletter 10.04.17)